School: Killyclare

Killycleare, Co. Cavan
Bean Uí Cheithearnaigh

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The Care of the Feet

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1017, Page 038

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People did not wear boots until they were grown up. There are no accounts of people who never wore boots or shoes. Children do not wear boots or shoes in Summer but they go barefoot. We throw out the water in which we wash our feet in. There are no customs or beliefs connected with it. Boot and shoes are made locally by, Mr. Michael hand, Mr. Jack Fearbern and Mr. Patrick Clarke. This has not been a tradition in their families.
There are not as many shoemakers now as there was (were) in days gone by, because they are made in afactory. Clogs are made locally and are worn by some people in Winter.
Leather was made in Mr Lenon's yard in Cootehill. There was no special kind of covering. There are no sayings connected with the above.

Samuel Sharpe