School: Killyclare

Killycleare, Co. Cavan
Bean Uí Cheithearnaigh

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Old Houses

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1017, Page 030

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There are three old houses in the Townland of Knocknalossett.
One of these houses belongs to Mr. Mac Vetty. The orange lodge met here for some time until Billyhill Hall was built. The field in which the house is built in is known as the Orange Field.
This house is thatched and kept in repair and used as a barn.
Another old house belongs to Mr. Gamble which (it) is near this school. The roof is very bad and most of it has fallen down.
It was thatched with straw and it has been blown off it.
The walls are mud-wall and are still up. Three people died in this house from consumption of the bone and the house is now derelict.
There is another house in Knocknalossett in which Mr Newell lived in. This man died about a year ago and he was about eighty years old. He lived alone had he had

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Samuel Sharpe