School: An Charraig Bheag, Carraig na Siúire

Carrickbeg, Co. Waterford
Seán Ó Comhraidhe

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Carraig Fhenóch

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0655, Page 020

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Carraig Fenóc
Carraig Fenóc is hill situated about half a mile east of the school. It is a high peak and from its summit a view can be had of the river Suir as it winds its way a long between along between the counties of Waterford and Tipperary and Kilkenny. One can see the New Bridge and the Old Bridge and the town of Carrick. The reason it is called Carraig Fenóc is that a saint named Fenóc once lived in a place not very far from this hill called Teampall Fenóc meaning “ the temple of Fenóc”. It is said that this saint used to walk up to the summit of the hill almost every day to pray. There is a flat rock on this hill on which can be seen some writing but it is hard to read it as it is very worn. The most peculiar object on this hill is a very big rock called the “Weavers Rock” it is about twenty tons weight which lies on the side of the hill. It is impossible to move this rock as it is wedged by many smaller stones. In eighteen hundred and forty eight the time of the young Islanders

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Mr Michael Boland
Portnaboe, Co. Waterford