School: Tiercahan

Tircahan, Co. Cavan
P. Ó Riain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 407

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 407

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    man or woman you are to marry in your dreams.
    48. When you see the first New Moon in the New year go down on your knees, say seven creeds. Ap, Creeds and cut the sign of the Cross on yourself seven times. Take a piece of the clay from under your right knee; tie it in a red rag, and put it under your right ear under the pillow. Dont open your mouth to say "Kaw". You will see the man or woman you are to marry in your dream. If you see the moon early in the night mark the spot, and go back to it for the clay and the prayers before you go to bed.
    49. If you see a New Moon through the window luck will be against you for the whole month.
    50. When you see a New Moon bless yourself and turn what ever you have in your hand and then make a wish.
    51. If you meet an ass and cart the first thing in the morning going on a journey you will have the best of luck that day. Asses are always lucky to meet because the B. Virgin rode on an ass.
    52. If you meet an ass first thing on your wedding day, you will always have luck galore.
    53. Never take a "bye Road" if you have a
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