School: Baile Máirtín, Muine Beag

Ballymartin, Co. Carlow
Bean an Bhreathnaigh

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0904, Page 600

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When there are dark and heavy clouds about, rain is near. When there is a circle around the moon it is an indication of rain the nearer the circle to the moon the nearer to rain: when the circle is away from the moon it shows the rain is not so near. A yellow coppery coloured sunset foretells rain. When there are alot of stars in the sky frost is at hand. A rainbow in the morning is the sailor's warning, a rainbow in the night is the sailor's delight.

The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow. The south wind brings most rain to our district. Puss on the hearth with velvet paws sits wiping o'er her whiskered jaws - is the sign of a storm. It is a sign of rain when the whirling wind the dust obeys. When white birds are seen over the river a storm is a hand. When the crows are flying high and are noisy it is an indication of rain. The dog goes up the hill when a fine day is coming. When the fog goes down the hill it

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Teresa Dillon
Ballymartin, Co. Carlow