School: Drumconrath (B.) (roll number 16143)

Drumcondra, Co. Meath
Patrick Cassidy
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0712, Page 051

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0712, Page 051

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  1. 30-6-1938
    The customs on Hallow Eve are , cracking nuts, hanging up an apple from ceiling.The children try to catch it in their mouths. Then they get a basin of water and put a sixpence in it.Next they put their heads down and try to take the sixpence up in their teeth.If they succeed they can keep the sixpence.Some people get their fortune told by melting lead and passing it through the key.The grown up people go out at night and play tricks of various kinds.They steal cabbages out of gardens, hide gates,ploughs and wheels of carts,tie doors and stuff chimneys and do various other tricks.
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