School: Inse-Bhó-Leanna (Inchavallana) (roll number 9749)

Knockduff, Co. Tipperary
Risteárd Ó Riain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0543, Page 192

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0543, Page 192

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  1. b) About seventy years ago, in the townland of Graneera, parish of Upperchurch barony of Upper Kilnamanagh, Co of Tipperary, a hedge school was established. The teacher was Elias Shaw Co Westmeath. His cane was a long sally rod about five feet in length. None of the pupils attending the school wore boots or stockings. His punishment was a stroke of the rod across the shins. It is told that many a time he put the shins of children bleeding. I knew him to be a very severe man on his own children. He married a local girl, reared a large family. Very seldom he went to Mass, therefore he was not liked on account of this drawback. The Story goes one day of one of his pupils who did not know his lesson. A man of twenty-two or twenty-three years, big stout, an a very able fellow. “Teacher to pupil” Stephen” “a fat belly never made a wise head.”
    Reading – Short Accounts – Spelling were the subjects taught.
    He excelled as a teacher of Short Accounts.
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