School: Mungret (C.) (roll number 11784)

Mungret, Co. Limerick
Bean Mhic Aodhagáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0528, Page 159

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0528, Page 159

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  1. On Halloween it is a customs that nobody should go out after twelve o'clock in the night because it is said that the fairies are out after that time.
    On Halloween the people go around with holy water and they shake it on the cow houses because it is said that a hare goes around on that night and milks all the cows.
    Halloween is a very pleasant time especially for young people. On Halloween the people put a bath in the middle of the floor and they put an apple into it and they put water into it and each one is hand coffed and they try to get up the apple with their mouth. They put two nuts beside the fire and if the nuts move from one another that boy nor girl will not marry from life.
    For supper mother makes a barn brack and she puts a ring or a piece of match into it. Then everybody looks to see what he will get. Who ever gets the ring will be married the first and who ever gets the piece of match marries a tailor.
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    Theresa Ronan
    Ballynoe, Co. Limerick