School: Ballyheedy, Ballinhassig (roll number 15550)

Ballyheedy, Co. Cork
Seán Ó Haonghusa
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0322, Page 224

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0322, Page 224

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  1. In this district many priest hunters lived. Their names were Shean Dearg Nash of Brinny and the Gashs of Little Silver and the Pophams of Kilcrea and Shipool. They killed priests and also people who wore green. They used to kill the people one day and try them the day after. It was prophesied that you would see Brinny without a Nash Little Silver without a Gash and Kilcrea without a Popham. In Gurteen near Bandon an alter is cut out in the rock in a bye road where mass was celebrated in Penal Times. There was a house in Gurtnaglough which was seven storeys high Once the owner got sick. He was a Protestant He asked one of his seven daughters to send for the priest but she did not. The seven daughters were armed to shoot the priest but he came and went without they seeing him. The name of that family was Roberts.
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    Thomas O Sullivan
    Jeremiah O Sullivan