School: Bealach (roll number 5811)

Ballagh, Co. Roscommon
Domhnall Ó Daltúin

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Weather-Lore - Signs of Rain

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0258, Page 106

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Weather Lore - Signs of rain.
1. When there is a circle around the moon it is a sign of rain.
2. When the stars begin to fall at night it is the sign of rain.
3. When the sun sets in a large bank of clouds.
4. When the cat turns her back to the fire.
5. When the distant hills look near.
6. When the ashes turn blue
7. When the bumble bee comes up and flies about in the air.
8. When the frogs change their coat of yellow to brown.
9. When there is a blue blazes in the fire.
10. When the crane and curlews come to the upland.
11. When the ducks begins to quack after fine weather.
12. When the dog eats grass.
13. When the water in the river gets low.
14. When the smoke comes down the chinmey and out about the house.
15. When soots falls.

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