School: Durrow (B.) (roll number 3517)

Durrow, Co. Laois
P. Sabhaois

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0830, Page 089

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Joe Kelly told me that his father got some land a few years ago as a result of the division of demesne lands in the neighbourhood.
There was naturally some jealousy among disappointed applicants.
One day he found in his turnip drills a boiled goose-egg. The superstition in connection with this is that the person who puts the egg in the crop will be able to steal the crop. The owner Jack Kelly attached sufficient importance to the superstition that he went to the Parish Priest to have the "curse" removed.

Stealing your neighbours butter.
Go to a stream running from a spring well. Trust a hay rope in the water and you will be able to steal the butter.

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