School: Ráithín (B.) (roll number 9304)

Raheen, Co. Kerry
Diarmuid Ua Cróinín

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The Abduction of Mary Murphy by the Fairies

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0456, Page 538

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About 100 years ago there lived in the townland of Coom, Gneeveguilla, Rathmore a farmer named Peter Murphy. He was father of a big family, all girls save one boy the youngest of them all. The eldest girl Mary helped her father on the farm, guiding horses looking after cattle and in every way as competent for this work as any man.
One day he was ploughing up a big field and Mary was guiding the horses. She soon saw a man standing looking on at the work right on the headland they were moving towards when they reached the spot nobody was to be seen. On the horses being turned around she saw the same man standing on the opposite headland yet when they arrived there no man was to be seen. Again when they turned here there he was at the far side. Getting alarmed she asked her father who the man was on the far side of the field. Her father could see nobody and seemed surprised when his daughter persisted he was present and moved each time like horses were turned. Mary was so positive concerning the man's presence

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Pat O' Donoghue
Lisbabe, Co. Kerry