School: Cluaineach (C.) (roll number 11774)

Coolrawer, Co. Sligo
Bean Uí Chlaimhín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0170, Page 0367

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0170, Page 0367

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  1. There was once a boy who wanted to get married to a girl but before he could marry her he had to fight three giants. The first giant had the "Sword of Honour", the second one had the "Coat of Darkness" and the third had the Purse of Plenty. So the boy made up his mind that he'd try to fight the three giants. He took his sword and he went off and met a small red man who said that he'd help him and he went with him.
    It was not long 'till they reached the first giant's castle and the little red man took the sword from the boy and went to fight the giant. He killed him and he got the "Sword of Honour". They went off, 'till they reached the second giant's castle and the little red man went with the "Sword of Honour" to fight the giant and he killed him and got the "Coat of Darkness: They went off to the third giant's castle and he was the strongest of the three and the little red man put on the "Coat of Darkness." The giant did not see him and the red and killed him and then got the "Purse of Plenty". So the two went off to the girl's house and the boy went in and said "now will you marry me"? "I will" said she "but you must do one thing. I'm going to kiss somebody now and you'll have to bring me the lips of the one I kiss". So the little red man put on the "Coat of Darkness"
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