School: Coillín Aodha (C.)

Culleens, Co. Sligo
Cristíona Ní Cheallaigh

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The Jew in the Bush

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0164, Page 181

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Once upon a time a farmer had a faithful, and diligent servant who had worked very hard for him for three years without been paid any wages. At last it came into the man's head that he would not work unless he was paid. One day he went to his master, and said "I have worked hard for you for a long time, I will trust you to give me what I deserve for my work." The farmer was a great miser, and he knew that the man was very simple-hearted. The farmer took three pence and gave him one penny for every year.
The poor fellow thought it was a lot of money to have, and he said to himself "why should I work so hard, live here on bad fare any longer. I can now travel into the wide world, and make merry." With that he put his money into his purse, and set out roaming over hill and valley. As he walked along over the fields singing and dancing, a little dwarf met him, and asked him why was he so merry. Why what should make me downhearted. I am sound in health, and rich in purse, what should I care for. I have my three years earnings, & have it safe in my purse. How much may it come to, full threepences. "I wish you would give them to me, for I am very poor" said the dwarf. The man pitied him, he gave him all he had, and the little dwarf said "as you have such a kind heart,

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James Gordon
Ballyogan, Co. Sligo