School: Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach (roll number 1828)

Gallagh, Co. Galway
D. Ó Neachtain

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Naomh Ruadhan, Gallach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0078, Page 166

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the Graveyard of Baltira (?) they saw a man lying down beside a cock of hay. One of the men went to where he saw the man and he could not see him but the man that was on the road could see him. The other man went in and could not see him and every time when they were on the road they could see him. They went home and on the way they saw a man coming up the road. It was the man that was lying beside the cock of hay and he went out between the two of them and he disappeared, and they went home.

Down in Keatings in Ashfield there is a land stone. In this stone there is a hollow which has the appearance of a knee. The old people say that it is the track of Saint Patrick's knee and that he knelt on it one night while praying.


Old people of this district say that during the time of the Danes that the weasels were cats and that the foxes were dogs.