School: Swanzy Memorial N. S. (roll number 10428)

Moville, Co. Donegal
Eilis F. Ní Stiobháird
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1120, Page 96

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1120, Page 96

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  1. I want to describe a spot held in great reverence by hundred in this locality and on the fifteenth of August annually a pilgrimage is held there and as it is extremely difficult to get to the spot from the main roads unless locally not much is heard about it.
    It is a small port on the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean and is called Port Kill from the saint who sought shelter on his voyage. It is crescent shaped on the sea front rock bound unless an inlet about ten feet that allowed his boat to land and about twenty feet up the beach is a mushroom shaped rock that
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    Greencastle, Co. Donegal
    Ada Morrison
    Greencastle, Co. Donegal