School: Claremorris (B.) (roll number 9863)

Claremorris, Co. Mayo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0098, Page 164

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0098, Page 164

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  1. There are many superstitions and beliefs about days being lucky and unlucky. Friday is reckoned as the luckiest day of the week. Nobody ever undertakes to do any great deep or work on Saturday as the old saying runs, "Saturdays flitting is a short sitting."
    Good Friday is the most lucky day for sowing seed or plants. In this district a carpenter will not use a saw or hammer nor will he drive a nail on account of Our Lord being nailed to the cross on that day.
    On Whit Sunday if a person got a cut it
    is believed unlucky. If a baby or lamb or any animal is born on Whit Sunday they are reckoned unlucky.
    On Shrove Tuesday salt is thrown on the girls to keep them fresh for a year.
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