School: Coratillon

Corratillan, Co. Cavan
Michael O' Beirn

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Coratillon | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0966, Page 263

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Local Poets and Songs

The Tossing of Swanlinbar Chapel. You brilliant muse I pray excuse for my intrusion on learnings wing

John Dolan, Culliagh, was a good poet. His uncle was also a poet. He made a song called '' The eviction in Ballyleenan.'' He composed in, English and he was a farmer. He could read and write. Some of his songs were sung locally. Pat Plunkett , Cronera, was a good poet.
He made a song called '' The cots of Teeboy.'' He was also a farmer. Hugh McAveety, Altcrock, was also a poet.
There were airs put to these songs and they were sung by the local people.


You brilliant muse I pray
excuse me for my intrusion on learning's wing,
Inspire my genius you bards and
sages, my country's praises
I mean to sing,

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