School: Talbotstown, Kiltegan

Talbotstown Upper, Co. Wicklow
R. Mac Icidhe
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 171

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 171

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    In the townland of Moorestown there is a well known as St. Brigid's Well. This well is covered by a large flat stone about five feet square, and about a foot thick.
    About one hundred yards from this well is a group of stones rather like a chair and is known as St. Brigid's Chair. In the centre of the back of this chair is a raised stone - like a headstone with a raised cross in the centre.
    There is always, both summer and winter, a great flow from this well. The stream which issues from the well joins another stream which flows from Keadeen Mountain.

    On the western side of Keadeen Mountain is a place where Finn Mac Cumail and his wife are supposed to have died. The remarkable thing about it is that even when the rest of the mountain looks green in the distance, the two brown patches stand out in contrast to the rest, and appear like two huge giants reclining on the mountainside.
    In this townland also is a group of large stones so arranged as to form a circle.
    These go by the name of Finn Mac Cumail's
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    Moorstown, Co. Wicklow
    Mr Richard Geoghegan