School: Talbotstown, Kiltegan

Talbotstown Upper, Co. Wicklow
R. Mac Icidhe
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 195

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 195

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  1. This story was told to me by Michael O'Toole, farmer of Kelsha, Kiltegan. He is aged about thirty five years and Mr Timmins of Kelsha from whom he heard the story was over seventy years when he died R.I.P.
    A Kiltegan curate, whose name he could not recall, was returning from a sick call from the back of the hill at Ballycarrigeen.
    When he arrived at the Rath at Crois Úna he heard three men arguing inside the circle of the Rath. The priest was mounted on horseback, and hearing the commotion he stopped. He asked if there was anything he could do for them. They told him to 'pass on'. Three times he put them the question and got the same answer each.
    At the third time of asking he leaned over sideways on the horse in order to get a better view of the men in the Rath. Mr Phil Timmins R.I.P. stated that the priest's head remained turned partly sideways ever after - that he himself saw the priest some time after this event took place. Furthermore after the priest arrived back in Kiltegan from the sick call he was unable to dismount, and the girths had to
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    Michael O' Toole
    Kelsha, Co. Wicklow