School: Birr (Mercy Convent)

Birr or Parsonstown, Co. Offaly
Sr. Flannan

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Old Graveyards

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0821, Page 166

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Old Graveyards

There are several graveyards in an around Birr. The most ancient is the old cemetery which is situated at the end of Church Lane in Castle St.
This churchyard is a square enclosure about one acre in extent. In the centre are the ruins of an old church which is known as St. Brendan's Church (An account of this ruin is given under heading "Old Ruins"). Here and there in the graveyard are some trees, about five or six altogether. There are graves within the ruin of the old church and around it. The tombstones are all plain except that they are rounded at the top. On a few of them is the figure of a lamb on a cross. There is one tombstone about seven or eight feet high. There is beautiful carving on the top of this. This grave is surrounded by an iron railing. It is owned by a Connolly family.

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