School: Bohermeen (roll number 3115)

Bohermeen, Co. Meath
Aindrias Mac Gabhann

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She Was Curious

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0702, Page 003

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She was Curious

There was a woman one time and she would always be telling her husband that she was different from other women; how she never was interested in anyone's affairs, but her own, and her husband knew that was not true. So, to test her, he put something under a box when going to a fair and he asked her not to touch the box until he came back and she said, "Indeed I to care. The box won't trouble me."
Off he went to the fair and when she had all her morning work done she said to herself, "I wonder what is under the box. I'll just peep in and sure he will never know." So, she very gently moved the box and off went the mouse and was never seen any more, but alas for the poor woman. How she faced her husband I don't know.
R. Mc. Maggie McCormack
Neilstown Neilstown
Navan Navan

Maggie Mc Cormack
Neillstown, Co. Meath