School: Cumán an Lín

Commanealine, Co. Tipperary
Seanán Mac Mathúna

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Cumán an Lín | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0541, Page 29

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for the marriage to take place. Now that “ a marriage is arranged and about to take place “ there must of course be celebrations and the first of these is known locally as “ Picking the Gander “. This generally takes place in the home of the bride.on an arranged day the bridegroom accompanied by a few of his friends ( men only ) visits the home of his future wife where they “ pick the gander “. This event is a kind of miniature wedding and if we are to believe it it is sometimes the first time that the “ young couple “ have had an opportunity of becoming acquainted with each other. Whether this be so or otherwise the vast majority of those “ made matches “ have turned out extraordinarily lucky in this locality at least.

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