School: Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach (roll number 7916)

Monaleen, Co. Limerick
Mrs. M. Ó Farrell

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Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0524, Page 116

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a salmon leap near the place now.
Castletroy after the castle so called near the banks of the Shannon. Some say it means the Castle of the Troys, others the Castle of the Strand. A Clan of the McKeoghs is said to have lived there.
Blackguard Hill, Kilbane was the site of a racecourse on which there is now a golfcourse.
Monaleen probably meant the meadow of flax because there is no indication that there ever was turf or a bog there.
Ballysimon is a big district to the south-east of Limerick, the townland of Simon, or perhaps St, Senan.
Keyanna near Killonan the way of the river - the Groody.
Scart the district of the bushes.

Parish Monaleen
Barony Clanwilliam
County Limerick