School: Monaleen, (C.) Luimneach (roll number 7916)

Monaleen, Co. Limerick
Mrs. M. Ó Farrell

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0524, Page 111

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1. When there is a halo around the moon it is a sign of rain.
2. Stars shining brilliantly on a dark night is a sign of frost.
3. Rainbow in the morning is a sign of coming rain; in the evening sign of fine weather.
4. The south-west wind brings rain to this district.
5. When the seagulls become plentiful and come inland stormy wet weather is coming.
6. The crying of the curlews is a sure sign of rain.
7. Swallows flying low is a sign of rain. When they fly high - fine weather.
8. When the cat turns its back to the fire is a sign of bad weather.
9. When hens pick their feathers it is a sign of rain.
10. Soot falling down the chimney is a sign of rain.
11. A dry February will bring a wet March. "a vernal head on a winter's morning"
12. When dogs eat grass it is a sign of rain.

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