School: Raheenagh (C.), Ráthluirc (roll number 10815)

Raheenagh, Co. Limerick
Áine Ní Chonchobhair

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Crosses or Other Things of Value

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0493, Page 168

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There are several crosses and objects of value, such as Saint Brigids Cross. It is made from straw, and tow small sticks taken from a sally tree. The sticks were shaped into a cross and then straw is put about them. it is supposed that if this cross is hung over the door of the kitchen, they know bad sickness will come upon the people of the house.
At Christmas everyone gathers holly and put some in the cowhouses and in the stables and in every house in the farm-yard.
There were several other crosses hung up on the walls of the bedrooms, they were made from pieces of cloth and timber, and some of them were made from stone. These crosses were supposed to bring good luck to the house.

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