School: Greaghglass (roll number 11011)

Greaghglass, Co. Monaghan
Mrs. Ross
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0957, Page 037

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0957, Page 037

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  1. John Gray, 19th November 1937
    A Tale Of The Famine
    A True Story
    About ninety years ago in the time of the famine, my great grandfather drew the meal from Newry. He also carried a revolver at the time and the boiling house where the porridge was served out was on his lands, a pint to every person according to size of the family. When the road at Dunraymond was cut, four men died on the roadside and are buried there. There was also a man died on the road at Rossmore Park and is buried there. The grave is wired in and no one ever touches it. My father saw it last year.
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  2. Adelaide Gillanders, 19th November 1937
    A Recommendation
    Tommy Heire (probably O’Hare) being temporarily ousted from the lucrative profession of farm labourer was seeking a new post. Mr McElnea, the celebrated horse-dealer and gentleman-farmer etc, who lives at Killymarley, some two miles out of Monaghan was engaged in the pleasant and profitable undertaking of interviewing this unemployed labourer. In the course of the interview, Mr McElnea enquired if Heire
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    Adelaide Gillanders