School: Cnoc an Dúin (B.) (roll number 11376)

Forthill, Co. Sligo
Mícheál Ó Connachtáin

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Old Roads

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0161, Page 259

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There is an old road in Sligo know as Mail-coach road. It leads from Albert to Market St. It was made in the year 1846. The making of it was relief work during the famine period, when the workers worked for one penny a day. It was one of the oldest roads in Sligo. When Cromwell put the law in force to hell or to Connaght he heard that the people who were last to cross the Shannon were fighting because the people before them would not give them room. He took all their sports from them especially the forests. It was a forest first and it was one of the forests that Cromwell destroyed. This road was made from Antrim rock and has now been repaired. The Fenians had a hall in that street, and the also had a gun for fear the RICs would attacked. The men who worked mr Shaw, mr Kevlein and mr McLouglan who worked from eight in the morning till six in the evening.
There is a path leading from Albert line to Tubernalth. It was made in the year 1830, and is now repaired.
There is an old mass path to the Sligo holy well, on which was a rock which the priests used to say mass on. Near the rock there was a monastery because if the soldiers attacked they could run into the Monastery.

Pat Scanlon
Barrack Street, Co. Sligo
Patrick Scanlon