School: Cnoc an Dúin (B.) (roll number 11376)

Forthill, Co. Sligo
Mícheál Ó Connachtáin

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St Stephen's Days

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0161, Page 256

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On St Stephens day the boys get an old brush, and hang old ribbons, and, coloured pappers from the stems. Each boy dressed himself so as know one would no him. He puts a pair of pants, and an old hat, and blackens his face until he deceives himself. He then puts a false face on himself. Then he goes to the doors, and repeates the words
The wren the wren the king of all birds,
On St Stephens day he was caught in the furze.
Up with the kettle, and down with the pan.
Give us our answer, and let us begone
All sliver no brass bad haipence won't pass
Put down your hand, and lift the cash
Here I am Gohney Bunney I am the man that carries the money.
Money I want, money I pray.
I you do not give me money I will sweep you all away.
As I went up to Dooney rock I met a man upon a rock
I hit him a lick of my black thorn stick and knocked him into the barbers shop.
Here I am you can see a garden by a holly tree.
A punch of ribbons by his side, and Barrack St boy's to be his guide.
Christmas is coming on the geece are getting fat,
Please put a penny in the old mans hat.
If you havent got a penny a haipenny will do

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Pat Scanlon
Patrick Scanlon