School: Druim Míleadh (roll number 14898)

Drumeela, Co. Leitrim
Ailbeard Mac an Ríogh

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Treasure Hunt

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0229, Page 149

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I took part in only one treasure hunt. A servant boy dreamt three nights in succession that there was buried treasure hidden beneath a large flat stone, about two tons weight which lay some distance from the house. Accordingly he repaired to the spot on the morn following the third dream. He split the stone in the centre as he was directed to do in his dream.
Then began the digging. Before he could go very far however, he was discovered at work and was peremptorily ordered to stop.
Afterwards, I myself took up the job of lifting the treasure. After two days' arduous labour we were obliged to desist and the only thing we discovered as the result of our work was a tin box of Irish Lace which fell to pieces in ashes on the box being opened.
This stone lies within 100 yards of Caldra House, Carrick-on-Shannon the residence of my brother-in-law Patrick OConnell, Caldra, Ck on Shn.