School: Hollymount (roll number 13122)

Cleighran Beg, Co. Leitrim
Philip Carrigan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0206, Page 650

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0206, Page 650

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  1. New Year's day is a holiday of obligation.
    It is called little Christmas.
    The mummers travel on this day collecting money for the purpose of celebrating the arrival of the New Year.

    SHROVE-TIDE dates from 12 Jan to Ash Wed. This is the match-making period.
    Whit Sunday - people are advised to keep away from water.

    May 1ST
    It is said that any evil minded person who would rise before the sun on that day could take the butter from his neighbour by dragging a hay rope through the grass of that particular neighbour.
    People neither lend nor borrow on May day.

    St. John's day was once a holiday.
    On the night before bonfire blaze in every hill in the county.
    On St. John's day people visit Holy wells.
    St Martin's day. People kill fowl and sprinkle the blood around the house.
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