School: Beitheach (Beagh) (roll number 14001)

Beagh, Co. Donegal
Maitiú Mac Suibhne
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1048, Page 48

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1048, Page 48

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    Years ago seals were very plentiful around Rosbeg and the fish were getting so scarce that the fishermen resoled to kill all the seals...

    Years ago seals were very plentiful around Rosbeg & the fish were getting so scarce that the fishermen resolved to kill all the seals they could lay hands on.
    One day in particular they killed seven very large seals and an eighth escaped with a large spear stuck in its side. The fishermen carried on their fishing as usual that day, but in the evening a dredful storm arose & they were giving up all hope when they sighted a small island which they had never seen before. They rowed towards it and after much trouble landed.There was just one house on the island & in they went.
    The only occupier of the house was an old man who was very kind to them. When they were a little while in the house they heard great moaning as if from some one in pain. They asked the old man what it was & he told them that that morning his eight sons went out fishing & that seven were killed and this one escaped and arrived home with a spear in his side & that it could never be drawn out except by the hands of the person who had stuck it there.
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Ed Mc Grughan
    Rossbeg, Co. Donegal