School: Paite Gobha (Pettigo)

Pettigo, Co. Donegal
Eilís Nic Liam
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1030, Page 286

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1030, Page 286

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  1. 1 Question. This thing is in a kings palace and it would not go on your thumb?
    Answer = It is a thimble.
    1 Question = This thing goes round the field and never stops till it goes through the world?
    Answer = A light day.
    3 Question = There is a little thing it has a eye but cannot see?
    Answer = A needle.
    4 Question = Why is your nose not twelve inches long?
    Answer = Because it would be a foot.
    5 Question = Twenty four little things scraping up the field?
    Answer = A harrow.
    6 Question = As I went Curly hill, Curly hill was quaking. I met a thing. It was standing naked. It had nine tops, nine tails nineteen hundred score of nails?
    Answer = Irish Thistle.
    7 Question = Why is a policeman like a mill horse?
    Answer = Because he goes his rounds.
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