School: Ceathrú Mhór (roll number 16289)

Carrowmore, Co. Mayo
Thomas F. O' Hara
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 275

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 275

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  1. XML School: Ceathrú Mhór
  2. XML Page 275
  3. XML “The Trades in this District Now and Long Ago”

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  1. There are not as many trades now as there were long ago. The names of the trades that are in it now are tailors, dressmakers, plasterers, painters, stones-masons, black-smiths, carpenters, shoemakers and tinsmiths.tinnitus. These later move around from place to place and they make things out of tin such as tin-cans or sauce pans.
    Long ago there were (n), more trades than there are now. There were coopers, thatchers, millers and flax-scutchers and these are not in it now. The people do not pack their butter in firkins now and there is no need for a cooper in this district. The people have nearly all slated houses now and therefore there is no need for a thatcher. The people do not grind their own corn now and there is no need for [?] a miller now. The people do not grow flax in this
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    Josephine Durkan
    Doonty, Co. Mayo