School: Ceathrú Mhór (roll number 16289)

Carrowmore, Co. Mayo
Thomas F. O' Hara

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Ceathrú Mhór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 267

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The Forts of Carramore
There are four forts situated in my townland. One of those forts is situated in Nt. Casey's land. It is on very high land and the land around it to very fertile. It is a fairly large fort and it can be seen a very long distance away. There are three mounds round it and there are bushes growing on them. There are bushes growing round the fort also. When you are standing at this fort you can see two other forts.
There is another fort about a quarter of a mile from the fort mentioned. It is not as large as the other fort. This fort also is situated in Nt. Casey's land. The land around it is not very fertile as there are a lot of bushes growing round it and the land is wet. The land is not very high and on this account it cannot be seen plainly. If you were

Bridget Armstrong
Carrowmore, Co. Mayo