School: Ceathrú Mhór (roll number 16289)

Carrowmore, Co. Mayo
Thomas F. O' Hara

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Ceathrú Mhór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0126, Page 230

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rock is about three feet ling three feet wide and three feet high. There is a cross lying on the top of the rock. This shows that Mass was said there.
There is another mass rock in the townland of Breggane. It is about four feet in height and five feet long. It is in a lonely place in the centre of the mountains and it cannot be seen from the townland. On that account it was a suitable place for the people to attend mass during the Penal Laws.
There was a holy well on the side of a hill named Shrone in the townland of Lahaidane. This was called St. Patrick's Well and the people went to pray at it. It cannot be seen now because it is covered. Julia Gallager

Julia Gallagher
Cartron, Co. Mayo