School: An Scairbh (B.)

Scarriff, Co. Clare
Seosamh Mac Siúrdáin

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An Scairbh (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0591, Page 124

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dancing. One girl had no partner and she asked the woman if she knew anyone who would dance with her. She sent her up to where John Dillon was and she pulled him out of the bed. He danced with her until the cocks began to crow. Then every man turned into a horse and every girl jumped up on his back. John was not able to keep up with the other horses so the girl changed herself into a horse and John jumped up on her back. They came to a river and the horse stooped suddenly to get a drink. John was thrown over her head into the water. When he recovered he found the fairies all gone and he saw his Aunt's house about a hundred yards away. He went in, delivered his message, had his dinner, and, as quickly as he could, he went home after his experience of a night with the fairies.

Tomás De Bláca
Cappaghabaun Mountain, Co. Clare