School: Stratford Lodge

Stratford Lodge, Co. Wicklow
Ailís Nic Reachtain
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0916, Page 108

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0916, Page 108

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  1. Fields owned by Mr John Jones
    1 The Lawn (before the house)
    2 The Slaney Field (River Slaney flows through it
    3 Back of Tommy's (Tommy Furlong
    4 The Plough (Good land - always tilled)
    5 The Twenty Acre (it's size)
    6 The Back haggard
    7 Ned's Field (Ned Kelly's house is on one side of it )
    8 The Bog
    9 The Brook Field
    10 The Terred Field. (The owner has no explanation for this name
    11 War's Bog. (The owner has no explanation for this name)
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