School: Ballon (C.)

Ballon, Co. Carlow
Miss Peppard
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0910, Page 205

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0910, Page 205

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  1. Long ago the Irish people used to spin their own wool and card it. When any member of the family fell ill and some infectious disease. They used to build a hut away from the house, and put the sick person in it,so as not to affect the rest of the family, for there were not many Hospitals in that time.
    When the old people had their dead buried, other people used to come and take away the body to sell it, to be examined by the young doctors, so as to give them knowledge of the disease the person died from. Their [unknown] friends used to go and watch the grave.
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    Kathleen Maher
    Turtane, Co. Carlow