School: Kiltale (roll number 3239)

Kiltale, Co. Meath
Séamus Ó Cronghaile

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Kiltale | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0690, Page 007

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John Byrne, Winetown, Summerhill.
Age 68

The Coran Hill (near Trim)
A short distance from where I live there is a hill called the Coran Hill. On the south side of the hill there is a large bush. Under the bush there is a chest or box of gold. About the first of November a horseman rides round the field three times. Long ago there lived a man named Peter Sweeney who was a weaver by trade. He had a son who was a soldier and who was home on leave. It so happened that Peter Sweeney dreamed three nights in succession that under the bush he could see a large chest of gold, and he also dreamed that a soldier would dig it up, but that the horseman would ride round the field at full speed three times. If it was not dug up before he would be round the third time, the soldier would lose his life. The chest was to be dug up sometime before twelve o'clock midnight. Peter Sweeney and his son got ready to dig up the gold, but failed as they were afraid they would lose their lives.

The Pipers Bush

At one end of our field there is a bush known as the Pipers Bush. People say that a piper was under the bush, and that he played all night. Crowds of people went

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John Byrne
Windtown, Co. Meath