School: Stabannon, Castlebellingham (roll number 5457)

Stabannan, Co. Louth
E. Mac Oisín

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Stabannon, Castlebellingham | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0671, Page 070

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and fibre matting, and small pictures beads etc. They obtain their supplies now n Woolworth's mostly. They are received indifferently now. People would as soon they wouldn't come as they are very persistent and annoying in pushing their wares. Some of them take bottles or rags and give some article instead of them. Some of them will sleep in an outhouse or in straw. People do not wish this as they may set the place on fire. Families go round sometimes having cars or caravans. They go into some sheltered byroad and light a fire where they cook the food they have brought with them. They rig up some sort of tent made of bags against the ditch or over the car. They stay around for a day and go around begging for old boots, coats or clothes of any kind, or they beg for food. Some travel singly. These are usually old men, but others travel in family groups, men, women, and

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