School: Caherelly, Grange, Kilmallock (roll number 2184)

Caherelly, Co. Limerick
John Raleigh

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Legend Connected with the District of Cullen Co. Limerick

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0524, Page 191

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Legend connected witht the district of Cullen Co Limerick
In the disctrict of Cullen in the County of Limericker there was a hill name the "Venthor" The reason the hill got his name is as follows.
When Sarsfield and his soldiers were going to Ballyneety to blow up the Williamite siege train, they stopped at the top of this hill about a quarter of a mile from Ballyneety. Some of Sarsfield's soldiers were told off to kill the English sentries who were on guard. It is said that one of the soldiers was not going to run the risk but the other said "We'll Venture". So off they went and hid inside the ditches and when a cloud covered the moon jumped on the sentries and killed them. So that is the reason that the hill of Cullen is called the "Venthor" today.
Got from Michael Ryan of Garrydoolis, who heard it from the late Rev Canon Powere, Kilteely, Co Limerick

Michael Ryan
Garrydoolis, Co. Limerick