School: Drummons (roll number 14337)

Drummans, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Sutcliffe
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0951, Page 341

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0951, Page 341

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  1. Food in Olden Times
    In olden times food consisted of boiled potatoes, oaten meal bread and boxty. For dinner they had boiled potatoes, butter and a bowl of buttermilk. People long ago used to get up about four o'clock in the Summer time and churn and they would take their breakfast at eight o'clock. The people used to get a basket of boiled potatoes and set it in the middle of the floor and all sat round it and peeled their potatoes with their long nails and they dipped their potatoes in salt.
    They had bowls of buttermilk under their arms called "Noggins". These "Noggins" were made of oak and strips of iron bands round the top.
    If anybody had one of these now they would be very valuable. There are tables hung against the wall in (this) people's houses in this district yet. Oat-meal bread was eaten long ago.
    The oaten-meal was mixed with boiling water, a pinch of salt and soda added and cut into slices and put on a pan on a griddle and afterwards it was put in a Grid-Iron in front of the fire to make it hard.
    Meat was not eaten except on special occasions such as Christmas Day and at Easter. The meat was salted for several days before use.
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