School: Deravoy (roll number 373)

Derryveagh, Co. Monaghan
E. Treanor

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0959, Page 027

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Once upon a time a man and a woman lived together and they thought they would go to the market to buy something The bought a sow-pig. When they took her home they put her into a pig-sty. Then they went to bed and they heard the noise in the kitchen. Then they rise and the sow was smoking a pipe at the fire. They asked her "how did you get in" "Thats what you or any other will never know" Then they took her the next day and sold her. Then they bought a goat and took her home. Whent hey went to bed they heard the noise in the middle of the night.
They rise and the goat was singing and dancing on the hearth-stone. They took her to the market the next day and sold her. Then they bought a mare and took home and put her in the stable. They went to bed and when they rise in the morning the mare had foaled a Fiddler. They did not know what to do then they took the mare and the Fiddler to the landlords house. The lanlord bought the both and gave him

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E. Treanor