School: Cloonty

Cloonty, Co. Leitrim
Michael Mac Gowan

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Story - Mermaid

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0190, Page 219

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There once lived a man in Maugherow who was married to a mermaid. Although she was married for a long time and had three children she always had a notion to go back to the sea. She could not go back without her magic cloak which her husband always kept concealed on her. He used to hide it in difference places. When he was building a stack of corn he put the cloak into it thinking it would be safe there. He told his children not to tell their mother about it.

One day when their father was at a market in Sligo the foolish children told their mother about the pretty dress which was hid in the stack of corn. She knew well that it was her magic clock that was concealed there. She went out and got the cloak. She then went back to the sea leaving her husband and children after her.

Annie M. Gallagher
Coolagraffy, Co. Sligo