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Farm, Co. Galway
T. Ó Domhnaill

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0013, Page 017

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January 26th 1938
Holy Wells
These are accounts of holy wells I got from the old people. There is only one holy in the parish of Williamstown, and it is situated in the Templetogher where a church once stood. The well is called after St. Patrick who came there when he was in Ireland and left the print of his knee on a rock which is there still.
The people visit St.Patricks well in August and three visits are made to perform a station, on three Sundays or three Fridays. At the well the prayers said are, the breed, seven Paters Aves and Glories and five journeys are made round the well and while walking any prayers can be said. The Station is finished on a little green hill near the well where St. Patrick finished his own station.
This is a story of a family in Sheabally named Timothys who had a son in England. At about eleven o'clock at night they got word that he was dying in England. The mother and daughter went to the well to do a station and when they arrived there at midnight the well was all lighthed with candles. In a day or two they got word that he was improving. Many other people were cured there and some people bathe their wounds in the well and relics are left hanging on a tree.

Thomas Mc Dermott
Kiltybannan, Co. Galway