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Clonsilla, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Cholmáin

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Local History - Woodlands

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0790, Page 4

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local history (cont)

Woodlands (luttrelstown)
There is a big demeane in Woodlands, there is a ruin of an old castle and on the top of it there is a little house with two windows facing north and south, and two doors facing east and west, the is a big rock about 40 feet in height named Clare's bed with a cave at the foot of the rock.
Long years ago the was a war there, the soldiers had caves to hide in. The man that owned the land use to hang them.
There was a high wall built around it, to prevent the Irish coming in. There are mines to be found there, such as copper and coal. The copper is to be found in the Brickyard and the coal through the fields.
Queen Victoria visited the castle in the year 1897 there is an obelisk composed of six blocks of granite in the estate in commemoration of her Majesty's visits to Lurrrelstown.
There is a cave running from the Glen across

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Hilda Mooney
Porterstown, Co. Dublin