School: Glenalla (roll number 10744)

Glenalla, Co. Donegal
Maude McCormack

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Local Place Names

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1086, Page 44

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The names of the fields on our farm at home are, Jamy’s field, the big field, the Braw, the Meadow, Marry Ann’s field and Mackern’s field.

Jamy’s field belonged to a man named Jamy Gallagher. Mary Ann’s field belonged to Mary Ann Mc Putt. Mackern’s field belonged to a man named Mackern. There is a large rowan tree and a cherry tree in the field.
These are some of the bogs in the parish, Leaney’s moss, [Conneys ?] moss and Gallagher’s moss. Leaneys moss is situated in the centre of Glenalla, and [Corney’s ?] moss is situated in Jordie.
These are some of the hills, Ray hill, Rickeys hill, Croghan, the Brannit hill, Cnoċ na brai, Lough na Cleire, Mc Coach’s hill, Blackthron’s hill, Divits knowe, Pa Cola, Connaught rid hill, Porter’s hill, Mally’s hill, white hill,

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