School: Tulach Mór (roll number 10372)

Tullymore, Co. Donegal
Nora Nic an Ultaigh Maighread Nic an Ultaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 6

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 6

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  1. There is a small lake in lower Tullyhurk beside the road leading from Ballyshannon to Donegal. In that lake it is said there is a crock of gold. Nearly a hundred years ago a diver was employed to go in and bring it out. He went in and saw it. It was a very large one too but there was a very large eel twisted around it. He said it was as thick as ten good eels and long also. He came back without it. Then the people were told to get seven bay mares that never had foals, and seven long chains. They were to fasten one end to the mare’s [sic] necks and the other ends to the crock and so the mares could pull it out.
    But when they were all traced to it one of the seven looked back and neighed because she had a foal and they did not know it. When she neighed the monster cut the chains and nobody would go back to put the chains around it again. And there it still remains until this day.
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    Géaróid Mac a t- Saoir
    Tullyhorky, Co. Donegal
    Cáit Nic a t- Saoir