School: Ráth Sheiscinn (roll number 13866)

Ratheskin, Co. Mayo
Anna Ní Chléirigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 181

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0142, Page 181

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  3. XML “The Old Pretender - James III”

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  1. The old Pretender came from France after the battle of the Boyne. He came to a house named Kings in King's St. Ballina. King's son and himself were one day hunting with a hound which caught a hare and tore it to pieces. When they came in and the father heard the result of the hunting he said he wished that the old pretender was treated like a hare. He didn't know who his visitor was. The visitor asked him what he would do with the pretender. He said he would put him in a stand (barrel) with a spike of nails in every inch of it and roll him off a high hill.
    He (The Pretender) went to Summer Hill to Palmers. From that he went to the fair of Moyne to buy a beast. He was buying the beast and ODonnell of Moyne was also buying the beast. A row arose
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    Annie Cleary
    Kilfian, Co. Mayo